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Track 1 is "Can Can" by "Offenbach" it was from Envato Music library

Track 2 is called "Napalm Sunshine" by Lying For Friends"

Track 3 is called "Always Forward" by "Alive Again"
Visit aliveagain.bandcamp.com

Track 4 is called "I Got You" by "Rock Cake"

Tracks 5 and 6 are by "Droids Osaka" 5 called "All Senses Under Attack" and 6 "Lies Lies Lies"
Spotify open.spotify.com/album/79WdpS...
Bandcamp droidsosaka.bandcamp.com
Instagram instagram.com/droidsosaka/

Track 7 is Called "Skate Punk" from the Envato Music Library

And Track 8 is "Handel - Sarabande" by the awesome "Look Mum No Computer"
check his channel here as he builds all the Synths himself

In a band, want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewer's

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    Lone Wolf

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    James Davies

    The part with the canary had me spitting my drink out laughing

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    Artamis Bot

    Wow this is amazing 💕 I love the underground research base vibe your.tunnel has during the build phase. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's complete!

  • Pibbles 'n Bits
    Pibbles 'n Bits

    Can anyone explain why he is trying to be so stealthy? Did he get in trouble in the past or something?

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    gordon thomson

    Sounded just like a Lanarkshire miner at 13:16 😁

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    Riley Michalski

    Seriously like a dream of mine I had as a kid. . Like dextors laboratory

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    Lawnmower man

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    becca boo

    I stumbled upon this, and am amazed. This has been a dream of mine since I started playing Minecraft 11 years ago. I've subscribed, and can't wait to see how this turns out.

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    Michael Lachowski

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    David Wheeler

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    Melody of your heart

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    Xander Smith

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    Tron Effect

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    Mikey McDowell

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    Brian Birsa

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    Edward Chester

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    Robert Forsythe

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    jacob miller

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    Free-Range Father

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    Jose Lopez

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    Edward Schmitt

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    We made an underground bunker as kids, was so cool.

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